oh, she sits ever so elegantly!

poise and grace with such a face

shall we appreciate her sunlight? or

the streams of tears which escape my heart

from viewing such an alluring sight?

ah, sight is not the only appeal!

though my outward love is often reserved

A shower of love is what she truly deserves

oh, such power you grant me

with your illuminant smile and reassuring presence

oh, lustrous and pure soul that you have

is veiled by looming shadows

let us fight the shadows and unveil

your exquisite nature to the world

let us turn every nothing into somethings just by the

tinge of our shared presence

let us frolic in contentment of being each other’s

let us lock pinkies, binding a dedication of loyalty

let us inhale the oxygen of the world together

and be one in midst of adversity

let me guide you to a path of such qualities and rarity

let me be your comrade, forever and always.


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