why is it that we part?

Why is it that we part?

is it within our souls to create a new start

to some form of happiness or satisfaction

are we attempting to climb endlessly

your rosy cheeks created life within me

sending fits of laughter and felicity in every room

morosity now overcomes that once lit complexion

is there an element to blame, to cuss at?

tell me old friend, why is it that we part?

the mystery behind your sulky state

is a rope slowly being tied around my neck

your eyes are made of metal, impossible for me

to reach inside and view the true state of the soul

tell me friend, why are you a stranger? Is it the lack of

warmth in the space between us? I was a car, requiring external

sources to keep my engine on

and you were the isolated civilian on the park bench

swallowing your miseries in silence as i prepared to leave

eyes met the last time and it shattered the road between us

tell me friend, why is it that you don’t look at me anymore?

is it the growing desire to be isolated, yet i see others join your side

I sit myself down on the bench and meet your eyes once again

But when i saw your eyes, they were black holes

A smile resided on your lips and continued to stay in place

But tell me friend, tell me why you are blind now? Tell me friend,

Why do the others have your eyes covered in blood and triumph?

Conflict is finalized and weakness cloaks an attempt to try again with us

Oh, friend i know why we have part.



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